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21 ноября 2018, 15:41

Bill Nye: Humans Living on Mars is ‘Science Fiction’

Stay on target

Bill Nye the Science Guy is here to burst your celestial bubble.

In an interview with USA Today , the science educator called the idea of Mars colonization and terraforming “science fiction.”

“As respectful as I can be, are you guys high?” Nye said of folks like Elon Musk, who has long dreamt of building a self-sustaining base on the Red Planet. (You know, in case nuclear conflict wipes out life on Earth.)

The basic concept of terraforming—making a planet more habitable by modifying its atmosphere—requires astronauts to pump the air full of gases that can trap heat, then hoping those gases turn out to be breathable.

Unfortunately, modern technology isn’t quite up for the task.

The University of Colorado recently revealed that carbon dioxide and water vapor are likely the only greenhouse gases present on Mars, and most of the CO2 is not accessible and could not be readily mobilized.

In other words, Mars is not an ideal terraforming candidate.

“We can’t even take care of this planet where we live, and we’re perfectly suited for it, let alone another planet,” Nye said.

The bad news doesn’t end there: Colonization, he added, is not happening, either.

“People disagree with me on this, and the reason they disagree is because they’re wrong,” he quipped.

Nye, CEO of non-profit The Planetary Society, appears on National Geographic Channel’s MARS —a series that explores human beings living on and mining the Red Planet.

But that doesn’t mean he condones it.

Take Antarctica, for example: A rota of scientists are stationed on the southernmost continent year-round. But no one lives there permanently.

“Nobody goes to Antarctica to raise a family,” Nye said. “You don’t go there to build a park, there’s just no such thing.

“Nobody’s gonna go settle on Mars to raise a family and have generations of Martians,” he continued. “It’s not reasonable because it’s so cold. And there is hardly any water. There’s absolutely no food. And the big thing, I just remind these guys, there’s nothing to breathe.”

That hasn’t stopped Nye from fantasizing.

“I want to find evidence of life on another world in my lifetime, so Mars [is] the next logical place to look,” he told USA Today .

And look we are: NASA’s Mars InSight lander is scheduled to touch down on the Red Planet next week, and you’re invited to watch. Plus, the agency on Monday announced Jezero Crater as the landing site for its upcoming Mars 2020 rover mission.

That’s great news for scientists; we’re making strides toward the future of space exploration and astronomy. But what our best rovers can do in a week, humans can do in five minutes, according to Nye.

“We would send people there to make discoveries. To explore, that’s the big idea,” he said. “So when we go to Mars, you don’t know what you’re gonna find, it’ll be new. I guarantee it’ll be amazing.”

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Source: https://www.geek.com/news/bill-nye-humans-living-on-mars-is-science-fiction-1761859/?source=science